…its often the same leftovers presented in a pretty box over a period of five days, but it still looks yummy.



Bottom box: rice, topped with quail eggs and tiny “token” bacon

Top Box: pumpkin, peas, a cherry tomato, a fried ring of onion, some egg roll… and basically mini meatballs


Lunch and gardens… my main topic of 5min blogging /la sigh

IMAG6131The easy things to post about.

5min bento of the day dundundaaar:

Top box: 3 colours on rice… that was mince, scrambled eggs and fried garlic greens on leftover fired rice & leek.

Bottom box: Two coloured tomato salad… with snowpeas and carrot.

Garden updates: Whelp… nothing has grown in the vege patch yet O_O /zzzz except you know the existing parsley and two green beans. Come to me spring! Germinate kales!


The green manure crop is doing well all on its own … errrr except where the hit-chickens got it and dust bath’ed it to death in places.



I’m probably meant to wait until this is knee-high before I dig it in. Twitch twitch.



Go forth snow-pea slaves… fix some nitrogen into that soil. Muwahahahahaha. Cough cough … hack… hee hee.


Fried Rice and Hamburger Salad Bento

IMAG6125Continuing my swing of 5min bento lunches… which sigh has not stopped me running consistently 5mins late for work this week.

New plan when my alarm goes off at 5:30 I get up and get to have a coffee… this may actually work ><

Top box: Fried brown rice. Fried up with soy sauce, frozen peas, frozen corn, some fried egg & with fresh garden leeks.


Bottom Box: garden salad (literally picked from the back deck salad pots), some snow-peas, tomatoes, carrots and the last of the small pork rissoles mixed up on Mon.



Bacon Challenge Bento: Lamb stew and couscous bento



So a friend on facebook was tired of all my chicken themed bentos and demanded bacon. Humm so I did a weeks worth of ‘token bacon’ bento boxing lol.

Top box: a bed of couscous with some asparagus wrapped with a piece of TOKEN BACON. Crack pepper over the top.

Bottom box: leftover lamb and bean stew, decorated with carrot and snow-pea flowers.

This was truly a good example of the 5-15min bento box. It really is just leftovers in a box with the addition of a few niceties (cold carrot flowers) and a piece of breakfast to prettify it up. Everything “omg your lunch looks complicated”‘ about it is seriously just a matter of arrangement and colour contrast.


Lamb Stew Recipe:

  • Fry onion
  • Fry chopped lamb
  • Empty two tins of whole tomatoes and one large can of drained 4-beans into the pan
  • Add soy sauce and honey to taste say a couple of tablespoons
  • stew to taste (I’ve even slow cooked this for peeps that like the fat melted off their meat)

Eat on couscous prepared with butter.


Actually this stew was originally a packet mix I started eating in college and that they stopped making, Lol after of course I had become addicted to it. The honey and soy get pretty close to the original flavour 😛




Homemade mantou & pork hamburger bento



So after all the gardening I thought I’d experiment with making steamed buns (mantou) which are apparently really easy. Of course due to to just winging it mine were interesting, but still good.

The first batch I made were with self raising flour (300g), a dry satchel (just mix it with the flour) and milk (150g … basically half the amount of flour).

  • mix materials
  • sit for an hr till doubled in size and poke holes don’t collapse
  • knead the heck out of it
  • roll & cut
  • steam for 15 mins roughly

They were really good if somewhat bigger than expected. I ate one steamed and one fried in butter with custard (not having any sweetened condensed milk).

The second batched pictured here; only differences plain wholemeal flour, water and two teaspoons of sugar. Much denser… more appropriately sized though. Tbh I liked the bigger fluffier self raising flour batch, but as they are so simple I can keep experimenting.

In any case;

Top box contains: pork hamburger (made from: pork mince, fried onion & garlic, grated carrot, honey seeded mustard, breadcrumbs.), steamed wholemeal mantou, lettuce, snowpeas, carrot flower.

Bottom box contains: lettuce, grape tomatoes, chopped tomato and carrot flower.

BONUS: packet of instant miso soup.